CREMER Energy for Renewable Fuels

Ethanol is widely used to improve “Green House Gas Savings”, GHGs in the final blend of Motor Gasoline products. There are various grades ranging from 60% upto 95% GHG savings. The Ethanol is primarily used for direct blending with conventional Gasoline E5 and or E10 but can also be used in blends upto 85%, later known as E85 which is used in flex-fuel car vehicles. The Ethanol can also be used as a feedstock for the production of ETBE. A blending component in Gasoline that offers a non-hygroscopic property. Ethanol can also be used as a fuel in modified diesel engines when mixed with emulsifiers. Primarily used as is in Buses and heavy vehicles trafficking major cities in order to reduce the GHGs and particle exhausts.

Besides Ethanol CREMER offers crude Glycerine for Biogas application as well as vegetable oils and also Palm Fatty Acid Destillates (PFAD) for Energy recovery. 



Jonas Hansson

Senior Trader Ethanol
Telephone: +49 40 32011 - 249 
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Kim Isabel Klüver

Product Manager Ethanol
Telephone: +49 40 32011 – 229
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