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Bioethanol is widely used for improved greenhouse gas (GHG) savings in final blends of motor gasoline products. There are different grades, ranging from 50% to 95% GHG savings. Ethanol is primarily used in direct blends with conventional gasoline as "E5" and/or "E10", but it can also be used in blends up to 95%, known as "E85", which is used in "flex-fuel car" vehicles. 

In addition, ethanol can be used as a feedstock for the production of ETBE, a blending component in gasoline that offers a non-hygroscopic property. Ethanol also serves as a fuel for modified diesel engines when blended with emulsifiers. This is mainly used for GHG savings in buses or heavy vehicles in large cities.


Jonas Hansson

Senior Trader Ethanol
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Kim Isabel Klüver

Product Manager Ethanol
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