Performance Chemicals for Technical Applications

CREMER OLEO offers a broad range of vegetable oleochemical derivatives for technical applications. Short- and medium-chain CremerAC fatty acids are an essential ingredient for lubricants. CremerAC stearic acids are a popular burning mass for candles and are also used as a separating agent in the plastic industry.

Our CremerGLYC glycerin is used as an anti-freeze agent and in the production of resins, varnishes and paints. Our Cremer AL fatty alcohols, which are available in several variants, are an important component in the production of surfactants. Further products such as methyl esters, monopropylene glycol, and vegetable oils round off the portfolio.


The Comprehensive Cremer Tech Portfolio Comprises the Following Products:  

  • CremerAC Fatty Acids
  • CremerAL Fatty Alcohols
  • Cremer Methyl Esters
  • CremerGlyc Glycerin
  • CremerOIL Vegetable Oils
  • Cremer Esters


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