Cremer Paraguay S.A.

Cremer Paraguay S.A. was establishedas a branch of Peter Cremer (S) GmbH in January 2016, and is a sourcing and marketing arm for CREMER in Latin America. The company focuses on sourcing agricultural products for the animal feed industry and human consumption, supported by an experienced local partner who has successfully worked with CREMER for several years, primarily in relation to Asian destinations. 

With its extensive group network and excellent strategy for global sourcing activities, CREMER Paraguay S.A. is developing new markets in Latin America. The office also acts as a representative for all CREMER activities, such as steel imports and exports or minerals / chemicals from Possehl. 

We are open to any new cooperation and contacts related to CREMER’s scope of business. Our strength is in our network, our experience and the reputation of our long-standing group, to which the Paraguay office will add value from a new location.

Cremer Paraguay S.A.

Avda. del Yacht No. 11 y del Cerro
Edificio L’Excellence, Departamento No 12B

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