Excipients for the Pharmaceutical Industry

We have gathered our activities for the pharmaceutical industry in our CREMER Health business unit with a strong commitment to quality leadership.

Our oleochemical excipients for pharmaceutical applications have enjoyed a good reputation for decades. Highest quality standards are continuously improved and controlled by the relevant authorities as well as throughout regular customer audits by multinational companies. Our strict commitment to quality is underpinned and rewarded with the repeated granting of highly demanding approvals.

Our team of experts will be happy to create customized solutions for the excipient you need.

CREMER OLEO Products for the Pharmateuctical Industry:


Glycerine in medicines and pharmaceuticals serves as a solvent, moisturizer, humectant and consistency enhancer. Other well-known applications include gargles, cough suppressants, capsules, pastilles, suppositories, anesthetics and adjuvants for antibiotics and antiseptics.

Our EXCiPACT-certified glycerine fulfils the recognised GMP and GDP standards

Portfolio, qualities and contact persons for glycerine and EXCiPACT™-certified glycerine

Fatty Alcohols

Fatty alcohols from CREMER OLEO are exclusively of natural origin and are produced from 100% vegetable oils. Our offer includes long-chain fatty alcohols C16, C18, their blends C16/18 as well as C18/22 and C22/70. 

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Ethanol is one of the most widely used ingredients in pharmaceuticals. It is a solvent and chemical reaction partner, for example in cough syrup and pharmaceutical capsules. If you need bioethanol in pharmaceutical quality, please contact us!

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There are many applications for MCT oil in the pharmaceutical industry, for example as an emulsifier, coating agent or lubricant. CREMER OLEO offers three different MCT oils made from renewable raw materials. 

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