CremerSAP - Bases for better Soaps and Syndets

The CremerSAP range includes a wide selection of soap and syndet bases, most of which we supply in the form of easy-to-process pellets ("soap noodles") or flakes ("syndet flakes"). Together with various additives for even more care, foam, fragrance or color, they serve as the basis for your individual face, skin or hair care products.

CremerSAP soap base consists mainly of vegetable oils and is obtained by the traditional batch process or by continuous saponification. Our portfolio offers numerous palm-free and RSPO-certified alternatives, as well as different qualities based on organic certified oils.

CremerSAP syndet bases are ideal bases for solid cleansing, shower and hair care products. Syndet bars require virtually no water and are only foamed when used. This makes them particularly high-yielding and means they require significantly less packaging than liquid care products. Depending on the requirements of the finished product, they can be supplemented with a variety of active ingredients or additives, for example for even more care, foam, fragrance or color. With a ph value between 5 and 7, they are particularly skin-friendly and very economical. All Syndet bases are vegan and manufactured without animal testing. They are also SLES, phenoxyethanol and silicone free. 

Syndets, solid care products for face, body and hair, can look like soap, but are manufactured differently. 

CremerSAP Syndet Portfolio

Syndet Flakes from CREMER OLEO are compatible with a wide range of active ingredients and suitable for solid hair, body and face products.

Basic Syndet Flakes

  • CremerSAP BS 923 | sulfate free
    Based on surfactants Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate

Natural Syndet Flakes

  • CremerSAP BS 924 | COSMOS Natural/Natrue conform 

Palm Free Syndet Flakes

  • CremerSAP BS 925 | palm free

Combi Syndet Flakes

  • CremerSAP BS 920 | combo base

CremerSAP Soap Portfolio

Toilet Soap Noodles

  • CremerSAP BV 601 | 80/20 palm-/palm kernel oil
  • CremerSAP BV 722 RSPO SG | 85/15 RSPO SG palm oil/coconut oil

Palm free Soap Noodles

  • CremerSAP BV 423 | 70/30 olive-/coconut oil (white)
  • CremerSAP BV 423 Natural | 70/30 olive-/coconut oil (white), COSMOS Natural certified
  • CremerSAP BV 423 SC | 70/30 olive-/coconut oil (white) with Sodium Citrate, Natrue conform
  • CremerSAP BV 425 SC | 100% coconut oil with Sodium Citrate, Natrue konform
  • CremerSAP BV 426 | 70/30 high oleic sunflower (HOSO)/coconut oil (white)

Organic Soap Noodles

  • CremerSAP BV 711 Bio+ | 80/20 palm-/palm kernel oil
  • CremerSAP BV 425 Bio | 100% coconut oil

Olive Soap Noodles

  • CremerSAP BV 422 | 100% olive oil (green)
  • CremerSAP BV 422 Natural | 100% olive oil (green), COSMOS Natural certified

Shea Soap Noodles    

  • CremerSAP BV 811 | containing 10% Shea Butter

Shaving Soap Noodles     

  • CremerSAP BV 732 | palm-/palm kernel base with high content of stearic and potassium soap

Non-marking Soap Noodles (NOMAR)

  • CremerSAP BV 604 | 80/20 palm / palm kerneloil with high glycerine content (opalescent)

Liquid Soap (Potassium Soap)

  • CremerSAP LS 80/20 OC | 80/20 olive-/coconut oil
  • Further blends on demand

Casted Soap (Melt & Pour)

  • CremerSAP MP 601 | opaque
  • CremerSAP MP 701 | transparent

CREMER OLEO Standards for Soap and Syndet Bases


  • Personal Care
  • Washing and cleaning industry


  • Soap Noodles – 25 kg bags or 1.000 kg Big Bags
  • Melt & Pour – 10 kg blocks in buckets
  • Liquid Soap – 1.000 kg IBC Containers
  • Syndet Flakes – 25 kg bags


  • Allergen free, EDTA free, Non GMO, Non Palm, REACH registered, Natrue conform


  • Soaps and Syndets: Ecocert COSMOS Natural
  • Soap Base: RSPO SCC

CREMER OLEO has been a member of the RSPO for many years. Our supply chain is RSPO SCC certified. License number: RSPO-1106112

You would like to test one of our basic soaps or syndets? Just get in touch, we will be happy to send you a sample.

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Senior Product Manager
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