Fatty acids from renewable raw materials from CREMER OLEO

Fatty acids are organic, naturally occurring acids produced by distillation and fractionating of oils and fats. CREMER OLEO's fatty acids are mainly obtained from vegetable oils, hence from renewable raw materials. We market them under the trade name CremerAC.

Fatty acids have different chemical structures. They consist of a carboxyl group (-COOH) and a hydrocarbon chain of varying length, but almost exclusively unbranched. The name fatty acid is due, among other things, to the chemical properties of the substance group, which reacts acidically due to its carboxyl group.

The raw materials of our fatty acids usually come from Southeast Asia. Some raw materials, such as rapeseed oil, are grown in Europe. At CREMER OLEO we offer all fatty acids with numerous quality standards and certifications. Please feel free to tell us your specific requirements – we will then find the best product currently available on the market for you. 
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Sustainability is particularly important to you? To us too! We believe that as an international trading company we have an ecological and social responsibility. That is why we are continuously working to expand our sustainable product range. Do you want your fatty acid to be purely vegetable, animal-free, palmfree, non-GMO or RSPO-certified? We offer you a wide selection for this.

Fatty acids from CREMER OLEO are used, for example, as raw materials for cosmetics and personal care products, for cleaning agents, as carriers, release agents and coating agents in the food sector, and for technical applications in textile and plastics manufacturing.  Whether in toothpaste or day cream, cakes, detergents, car paint or lubricants for buses and trains: We encounter products with vegetable fatty acids from morning to night. They make our modern lives comfortable.

CREMER OLEO Fatty Acid Portfolio 

Distilled Fatty Acids

After splitting the oil, the resulting split fatty acids are distilled for purification. The resulting fatty acid mixture has a corresponding carbon chain of the starting raw material and is directly processed into a finished product.  

Under our CremerAC brand, we market various distilled fatty acids that are used, for example, as a raw material for the production of liquid detergent. 

  • CremerAC C 8-18 
    Palm Kernel / Coconut Fatty Acid | Fatty Acids, C8-18 and C18-unsaturated | CAS No. 67701-05-7
  • CremerAC C 8-18 H 
    Hardened Palm Kernel / Coconut Fatty Acid | Mixture of fatty acids, C8-18
  • CremerAC C 12-18
    Distilled Topped Coconut Oil Fatty Acid | Fatty Acids, C12-18 | CAS No. 67701-01-3
  • CremerAC C 12-18 H 
    Topped & Hardened Palm Kernel Fatty Acid | Fatty Acids, C12-18 | CAS No. 67701-01-3
  • CremerAC PK 12-18
    Topped Palm Kernel Fatty Acid | Fatty Acids, C12-18 and C18-unsaturated | CAS No. 90990-15-1
  • CremerAC DTFA 
    Distilled Tallow Fatty Acid | Fatty Acids, C16-18, Tallow | CAS No. 67701-08-0

Fractionated Fatty Acids

During fractionation, fatty acids are physically separated into fractions with different boiling points. They then differ in the length of their hydrocarbon chain. This produces high-purity fatty acids with specific properties, which can be used in a variety of applications, such as cling film, creams and shaving foam, or for the production of vegetable fatty acid esters.

  • CremerAC C8/99
    Caprylic Acid | Octanoic acid | CAS No. 124-07-2
  • CremerAC C10/99
    Capric Acid | Decanoic Acid | CAS No. 334-48-5
  • CremerAC C8C10
    Caprylic / Capric Acid Blend | Octanoic acid / Decoanoic acid | CAS No. 68937-75-7
  • CremerAC C12/99 
    Lauric Acid | Dodecanoic acid | CAS No. 143-07-7
  • CremerAC C14/99
    Myristic Acid | Tetradecanoic acid | CAS No. 544-63-8
  • CremerAC C16/98
    Palmitic Acid | Hexadecanoic acid | CAS No. 57-10-3
  • CremerAC C22/85
    Behenic Acid | Docosanoic acid | CAS No. 112-85-6
  • CremerAC C22/90
    Erucic Acid | Docosenoic acid | CAS No. 112-86-7

Stearic Acids

Stearic acid is a saturated C18 fatty acid. It is used as an additive in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In the cosmetics sector it is contained in many skin care products. In addition, stearic acid can be used as a starting material in the manufacture of detergents and for candle production. 

Sustainable candles, made from stearin
Stearin ranks second on the list of the most popular raw materials for candle production in Germany. Read in the magazine article why our customer Candle Factory relies on sustainable and RSPO-certified stearin oil from CREMER OLEO for its high-quality candle collection. 
Photo: Candle Factory

  • CremerAC SA 18/37
    Stearic Acid 37% | Fatty acids, C16-18 | CAS No. 67701-03-5
  • CremerAC SA 18/40
    Stearic Acid 40% | Fatty acids, C16-18 | CAS No. 67701-03-5
  • CremerAC SA 18/43
    Stearic Acid 43% | Fatty acids, C16-18 | CAS No. 67701-03-5
  • CremerAC SA 18/45
    Stearic Acid 45% | Fatty acids, C16-18 | CAS No. 67701-03-5
  • CremerAC SA 18/52
    Stearic Acid 52% | Fatty acids, C16-18 | CAS No. 67701-03-5
  • CremerAC SA 18/65
    Stearic Acid 65% | Fatty acids, C16-18 | CAS No. 67701-03-5
  • CremerAC SA 18/92
    Stearic Acid 92% | Octadecanoic acid | CAS No. 57-11-4

Oleic Acids

Oleic acid is the most important monounsaturated fatty acid. It is found in almost all natural (vegetable and animal) oils and fats. Compared to polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linolenic acid, oleic acid is only slightly sensitive to oxidation and retains its liquid state even at lower temperatures.

Oleic acid is used in mixtures with other fatty acids mainly for the production of soaps and metal soaps, for surfactant production, as a lubricant in the textile industry or for the production of vegetable fatty acid esters.

  • CremerAC OLS 70
    Oleic Acid 70% | Fatty acids, C16-18 and C18-unsaturated | CAS No. 67701-08-0
  • CremerAC OLS 70 T
    Oleic Acid Tallow Based | Fatty acids, C16-18 and C18-unsaturated | CAS No. 67701-08-0
  • CremerAC OLS 85
    Oleic Acid 85% | Oleic Acid based on sunflower oil (palmfree) | CAS No. 112-80-1

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

Unsaturated fatty acids have one or more double bonds between the carbon atoms. They have a low melting point and are mostly liquid at room temperature. 

CREMER OLEO's unsaturated fatty acids are mainly produced from domestic oils such as sunflower and rapeseed oil or from soybean oil. However, linseed and safflower oil as well as mixtures of these oils are also used.  

Unsaturated fatty acids are used in the production of alkyd resins and paints and varnishes, but are also used in the food industry and other areas. 

  • CremerAC Distilled Linseed Oil Fatty Acid
    Fatty acids unsaturated, omega-3 | CAS No. 68424-45-3
  • CremerAC Distilled Rapeseed Fatty Acid
    Fatty acids, rapeseed-oil | CAS No. 93165-31-2
  • CremerAC Distilled Safflower Fatty Acid
    Fatty acids, safflower-oil, omega-3 | CAS No. 93165-34-5
  • CremerAC Distilled Soybean Oil Fatty Acid
    Fatty acids, C16-18 and C18 unsaturated | CAS No. 67701-08-0
  • CremerAC Distilled Sunflower Oil Fatty Acid 
    Fatty acids, sunflower-oil | CAS No. 84625-38-7
  • CremerAC Mixed Fatty Acid 
    Fatty acids, C14-22 and C16-22 unsaturated | CAS No. 67701-06-8 



  • Allergen free, GMO, Non GMO, Non Palm, Foodgrade, REACH registered, Natrue conform, COSMOS non-organic approved, Vegan, China compliant, 100% Coconut


  • Liquid
  • Flakes
  • Beads


  • Loose/Bulk in tank trucks
  • Bags
  • Big bags
  • IBC containers
  • Drums


  • Kosher
  • Kosher Passover
  • Halal
  • GMP+/QS
  • ISO 9001
  • IFS Broker

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