Connected to tradition, committed to progress

CREMER was founded in 1946 by Peter Cremer and is a globally active company for trade, logistics and production. The headquarters of the company, which is now in its third generation of family ownership, is in Hamburg. Every day, more than 2,000 employees in around 70 companies around the world ensure that CREMER is successful.  

Because oleochemical products were increasingly in demand, in 2005 CREMER founded CREMER OLEO GmbH & Co. KG. It focuses on vegetable oils and their derivatives, such as glycerin, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and bioethanol, as well as sustainable raw materials for cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals.

Our business is based on responsible, reliable, ethical and sustainable action. We maintain long-term relationships with suppliers and customers based on transparency and mutual respect. We actively seek and prefer business partners who share our values and ethical commitment. And we are committed to helping suppliers and customers comply with ethical and social responsibility standards. In cases where the Code of Conduct and national or international legislation cover the same area, the highest standard shall apply.

Values and Mission at CREMER

What we stand for and what is important to us:

  • As a family-run company, we feel that we have a particular responsibility for the well-being of our employees and their personal development.
  • We treat one another openly and honestly, stick together, and listen to one another.
  • We enjoy our work because we work together in a successful team. We laugh together and also laugh at ourselves as an expression of our vitality.
  • We carefully observe the developments inside and outside our company to seize opportunities and anticipate risks.
  • We see ourselves as being cosmopolitan. This implies, as a matter of course, a cross-cultural attitude, tolerance, as well as a decent and respectful demeanour.
  • We have always been committed to an environmentally friendly way of using the world's resources.
  • We are a performance-oriented company that strives to improve continuously.
  • Long-term success is more important to us than short-term profit.
Tradition von Fortschritt spielen eine wichtige Rolle im Unternehmensleitbild von CREMER

Our global Mission Statement

We are a company group with integrated businesses operating worldwide in Trade, Production, Oleochemicals and Shipping

What we think and what we do is based on responsible and reliable entrepreneurship combined with flexibility and innovation. 

With our motivated and skilled employees, our core competencies and efficient work processes, we have been continuously creating value that is higher than average.

Always in Focus: Sustainability

Sustainability is an important topic for us, which we want to live authentically, without exaggerated big words, but through continuous deeds

Business Responsibility:

  • We have an obligation to our employees and owners to achieve financial success
  • Reliable relationships with suppliers and customers
  • Investments in long-term projects

Ecological Responsibility:

  • Careful selection of raw materials

Social Responsibility:

  • Education and training as a long-term investment
  • Safeguarding jobs