Multifunctionals for Food Products

Fresh and appetizing - these are the key requirements for successful food marketing. An appealing appearance, pleasant smell and taste, plus shelf life and ease of production - the products we offer in our CREMER Nutrition business unit meet all these requirements for the food processing and manufacturing industry.

Our range of food ingredients covers a broad spectrum of applications in the confectionery, bakery and dairy industries and is also used in beverages, pasta, preserved fruits, chewing gums ...

Our team of experts will be happy to provide you with individual solutions for the ingredient you need.

CREMER OLEO products for the food industry:


CREMER OLEO is one of the world's largest independent traders of vegetable glycerine. Even on short notice we can supply glycerine from all raw materials like rapeseed, soy or palm, certified and in many purity grades. We keep market standard refined glycerine 86.5% or 99.5% in stock in our worldwide storage facilities and tanks.

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Organic Glycerine

The market for organic food is growing. More and more manufacturers are replacing conventional glycerine with an organic/kbA variant. In the EU, glycerine used in organic food must be of plant origin and from organic production. CREMER OLEO offers organic glycerine based on three oils.

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Lose weight faster, improve memory, more power in sports: MCT oil is said to have a versatile effect. More and more food and cosmetics manufacturers are using it. CREMER OLEO offers three different MCT oils made from renewable raw materials.

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Shea Butter

We can offer shea butter, also called karité butter, in food grade quality. 

Our organic quality is already certified according to EU organic food regulation 834/2007.

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Bioethanol is used in many ways in food and beverages: as a flavor enhancer (aromas), raw material for vinegar production and as a base for various beverages and confectionery. Please ask us for our bioethanol offer in food quality!

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