Oleochemistry can be quite complex sometimes. Here we explain some chemical terms and formulas. 
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Propanetriol, or more precisely propane-1,2,3-triol, is the IUPAC name for glycerine, the simplest and, at the same time, most important trihydric alcohol. This substance is very common in nature. 

E 422

E 422 is also known as glycerine. In Europe, E numbers are used to designate food additives in chemically, physically or physiologically processed foodstuffs.


C3H8O3 is the molecular formula of glycerine. In chemistry a molecular formula indicates every single atom and its numbers in a chemical compound.


The CAS Number 56-81-5 stands for glycerine (also glycerol), an organic chemical compound in the family of alcohols. This sugar alcohol is a propane triol.

Crude Glycerine

Crude glycerine is merely glycerine in a less pure form. Hence, in its chemical composition, it does not differ from glycerol, as glycerine is correctly called.