More Flexibility for your Glycerine Purchase

Janine Otto is a proven expert in raw materials trading and distribution. She started her career at CREMER OLEO more than 15 years ago and has now returned as Business Manager for Glycerine. Ruby Pfundstein was responsible for Glycerine as Sales Manager at CREMER OLEO for several years and now brings her accumulated market knowledge to Product Management.

What has changed in CREMER OLEO's glycerine range in recent months?

Janine Otto: "Like all other teams at CREMER OLEO, we have reviewed and optimised all internal processes. We have also reviewed our partnerships with bottlers and warehouses and updated our technology. Our main goal was to offer our customers even greater flexibility. We've achieved that - and we're sticking to it."

What does this increased flexibility mean in practice? Are there any examples?

Ruby Pfundstein: "For example, we can now supply smaller, packaged quantities even more easily, of virtually all vegetable glycerine qualities on the market. This allows customers to split orders - we take over some of the storage and filling that they used to do themselves. In general, we are able to supply in quantities ranging from a 25 kg canister to a tank truck. Regardless of the quantity ordered, we provide full product documentation for each glycerine grade."

CREMER OLEO Product Team Glycerine

Janine Otto, Business Management

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Ruby Pfundstein, Product Management

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