Plant Based Basics for your Coatings

CREMER OLEO is a specialist in oleochemicals, traditionally for cosmetic and food customers. What products are coatings manufacturers asking for?

Sebastian Zakrzewski: We see a demand for lauric acid, stearic acid and oleic acid. We have all of these in our range. They often come into play when manufacturers are planning a reformulation, for example switching from tallow to plant-based alternatives.

What about availability? At the beginning of the year, it seemed difficult for Olein...

Sebastian Zakrzewski: Olein and stearin are by-products of the same production process. If the demand and production of stearin is low, there will automatically be less olein. At the same time, it is not possible to produce an infinite amount of olein if the stearin quantities do not flow off.

Fortunately, at CREMER OLEO we are able to counteract this by making full use of our global network and multi-sourcing approach. We operate several warehouses in Europe and Asia and stock all standard grades. This allows us to respond flexibly to demand and provide our customers with stable supply chains for their products.

What quantities and packaging can CREMER OLEO supply?

Sebastian Zakrzewski: Again, we are very flexible. Many of our customers do not have large storage areas, need to be able to transport materials easily or require specific packaging for their production. We therefore offer filling into smaller or special containers, such as IBCs and steel drums for olein, or sacks and big bags for stearin, at all our warehouses.

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Sebastian Zakrzewski works in the CREMER OLEO sales team.
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