(Almost) new in the CREMER OLEO team: Larissa Osthoff

The term oleochemistry doesn't mean much to many people at first. What makes the industry so special?

Already in the product development stage the raw material you are choosing to use plays an enormous role for the end product. For example, more and more companies are focusing on using sustainable alternatives for their end products. Watching this and being a part of it is very interesting.

I love challenges! 
And CREMER OLEO is, after all, known for making a lot of things possible.“
Larissa Osthoff

What makes the sales job in the Oleochemicals division so special?

For me: no day is like another. I love challenges! And CREMER OLEO is known for making a lot of things possible. Punctual delivery across several continents, special requests, extra services - in our business there are virtually no standards. At the same time, we are in constant contact with a wide variety of people all over the world, which is something I particularly like.

A wide variety of people - what does that look like in the CREMER OLEO team?

Exactly the same! Everyone is very different, but we all get along very well. And what is important we support each other at all times. This is one of the reasons I came back, because I enjoy working with the CREMER OLEO team.

Sales Manager at CREMER OLEO: Larissa Osthoff

Larissa Osthoff works as Sales Manager in the Oleochemicals team at CREMER OLEO. 
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