Business Director Europe: Julian Brandt

Raw material shortages, rising feedstock prices, skyrocketing freight rates: 2021 is not an easy year to expand a business that thrives on global supply chains...

That's right. The market is currently presenting us with challenges that we could not have imagined a year ago. But CREMER OLEO's growth plans are aimed at new, adjacent business areas anyway. In glycerine, for example, one of our strongest products, we are already the market leader in Europe. Growth here is limited and we are therefore focusing on many different topics.

So you are now repositioning yourself?

It's not that new. We are and will remain focused on oleochemical products. Diversification is an integral part of the CREMER DNA: Since we were founded we constantly have been looking for new areas of business, at all of our more than 60 sites worldwide. We consistently pursue the proof-of-concept idea: If we have a good idea at a branch, we try it out. If it's successful and a good fit for us, we check if we can transfer it to other sites or products categories.

What does that mean for CREMER OLEO today?

One of our particular strengths is our team's vast global supply chain expertise. Large companies in particular want to have their goods delivered reliably and cost efficient to their production facilities, with as little concern as possible for the upstream and downstream operations. To do this, they need partners. CREMER OLEO is offering exactly those services besides our actual trading activities. This is an ideal complement to our traditional business and the logical consequence of this development.

Have you already tried this out at one of your sites?

Yes: In Cincinnati, Peter Cremer North America has been specializing in the production, storage, packaging and transport of oleochemical products for many years. We have been operating a plant in China very successfully since 2014. And when the opportunity arose two years ago to take over a plant near Hamburg with which we were already working well together, we seized the chance and founded CREMER OleoServ. Here we offer contract manufacturing and services that complement our oleo and animal feed business very well. This fits perfectly into our growth strategy.

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CREMER OleoServ maintains 30 tanks at its Uetersen site, some with agitators, and offers numerous services such as filling, storage and the production of liquid mixtures.

And where do we go from here?

CREMER OleoServ's business is going well and we are continuing to expand it. Our site is conveniently located. We operate modern filling facilities there, for example, and can temporarily store products, produce liquid blends and produce flakes out of liquid materials. We are very pleased when companies approach us and simply let us check whether we can take over individual processing steps or a complete production. In addition, we are of course also developing our classic trading business. We have plenty of ideas.

Julian Brandt, CREMER OLEO Business Manager Europe

Julian Brandt has been responsible for CREMER OLEO's European business as Business Director since 1.4.21. A proven expert in the trade and distribution of vegetable raw materials, he has been with the company for almost ten years and was previously responsible for the business with oleochemicals such as fatty acids, fatty alcohols or soap noodles.

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