Not CREMER on it, but CREMER in it: Esters

They often moisturize, and the longer their carbon chain, the more they do so. Fatty acid esters can be raw materials for cosmetics and personal care products (shampoo, skin cream, sun care, beard oil,…), are used in the food industry (cakes, MCT oil,…) or are utilized in the manufacture of technical products (lubricants, varnishes, paints, adhesives,…). Fatty acid esters meet us from morning to night and make our life comfortable.

Your contact for fatty acid esters from CREMER OLEO: Andreas Pesnjak

Andreas Pesnjak is Business Manager Oleochemicals at CREMER OLEO and responsible for our esters. He also looks after our fatty acids, MCT oil and is your expert if you have general questions about our raw materials for the food industry.

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