Bioethanol from CREMER OLEO approved as biocide

Biocides are chemicals that are used to protect people's health and products by controlling pests, for example in disinfectants, bug sprays or wood preservatives. In air-conditioning technology, biocides are used to protect water circuits against contamination by microorganisms. Paints for facades and ships contain so-called antifoulings to prevent pest infestation of the painted surfaces. And the addition of in-can preservatives prevents liquid detergents, cleaning agents, paints and varnishes from microbially decomposing.

Biocidal products may only be marketed if the manufacturer or trader has undergone strict authorization and is published in ECHA's Article 95 list. CREMER OLEO is listed now as product supplier for ethanol. See CREMER OLEOs ethanol listing at ECHA

At CREMER OLEO, we only sell bioethanol. It is produced by fermenting biomass containing sugar, starch or cellulose, or from plant waste products. Therefore our ethanol is always a natural, sustainable product.
Marco Schumann, Product Manager Ethanol

CREMER OLEO offers bioethanol in different qualities, in REN Grade and NEU Grade, as ethanol with 96% and 99%, denatured and undenatured. Feel free to contact us and tell us your needs: We strive to respond to all our customers' specific requirements. 

Your contact for Industrial Bioethanol from CREMER OLEO: Marco Schumann

Marco Schumann is Product Manager at CREMER OLEO and responsible for industrial bioethanol. If you are looking for special qualities, specifications or safety data sheets, please don't hesitate to contact him.

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