Glycerine hacks for cozy Christmas Days

  • Adding a few drops of glycerine to water will help your Christmas tree keep its needles longer.
  • Add a few drops to laundry detergent, and your wool sweaters will stay nice and cozy.
  • Leather shoes (and gloves!) will become soft and smooth with a rub of glycerine.
  • If you rub your window panes with warm water and a few dissolved drops of glycerine after cleaning, ice crystals won't form in the cold and you'll keep a clear view of the winter landscape.

Your Christmas is not as contemplative and quiet as we would like it to be here in Germany? No problem! Glycerine also helps wonderfully in removing stains from tablecloths or Christmas sweaters - simply pre-treat with a few drops before washing.

You can order a household quantity of CREMER OLEO glycerine from amazon: click here.

However you celebrate - we wish you a wonderful time!