Excipients: Oleochemicals for pharmaceutical applications

Glycerine in medicines and pharmaceuticals serves as a solvent, moisturizer, humectant and consistency enhancer. It is used, for example, in eye and ear drops, cough syrup, capsules and pastilles, ointments and suppositories, in anesthetics and as an adjuvant for antibiotics and antiseptics. More about Glycerine from CREMER OLEO


MCT oil: 
MCT oil is used in the pharmaceutical industry somewhat as an emulsifier, coating agent, carrier or lubricant. CREMER OLEO offers various MCT oils made from renewable raw materials with different qualities. More about MCT oil from CREMER OLEO


Fatty alcohols:

Fatty alcohols from CREMER OLEO are exclusively of natural origin and are produced from 100% vegetable oils. Our offer includes long-chain fatty alcohols C16, C18, their blends C16/18 as well as C18/22 and C22/70. More about Fatty Alcohols from CREMER OLEO


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