New Brand: CREMER Homecare

In laundry and home care products, plant-based raw materials such as those offered by CREMER OLEO are very much in vogue. For clothing and households, consumers’ demand for more sustainable cleaning products is also growing. Manufacturers are expected to use resources in an environmentally friendly way. 

In a recent consumer study*, 61% of respondents in Germany said they had already deliberately spent more money on a more sustainable laundry detergent or cleaning product. They cited the wide range of products available in stores as an important reason for their decision. And they cited the raw materials used as an indication of the sustainability of their purchase.

In the homecare sector, demand for green alternatives to classic raw materials is growing strongly. With the new "CREMER Homecare" brand, we give our customers a good overview of our range and can expand our portfolio more quickly.
Business Director Julian Brandt


CREMER OLEO is a specialist for renewable, plant-based raw materials for e.g. cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals with a global supplier network. So-called 2nd generation qualities, i.e. raw materials obtained, for example, from waste from other production processes, are playing an increasingly important role in our portfolio.

*Representative online study by the Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung GIM in spring 2020