Growing Market for Industrial Bioethanol

Where is the demand for plant-based ethanol coming from today?

From very different industries and applications. In all the industries we work, companies are currently looking for "greener" raw materials. Demand is increasing significantly, for example in the homecare and cosmetics market. With bioethanol, as we sell it at CREMER OLEO, classic petrochemical or synthetic grades can be replaced 1-to-1 with a green, sustainable product. And disinfectants continue to play an important role, especially since we are listed as a supplier on ECHA's Article 95 list.

Ethanol must be partially denatured before import and processing. What about pure plant origin?

This is also possible. We offer various denaturations for specific customers, also with purely vegetable substances. This means that the bioethanol remains a green product even after denaturing. We help our customers with customs clearance and approval.

And everything will be even more sustainable in the future? Keyword 2nd generation ethanol?

The supply of ethanol produced from waste and residual materials is growing. At the moment, however, demand from the fuel market is very strong. But with new technologies and thus new waste materials that can be processed, the supply will continue to increase.

CREMER OLEO is not a manufacturer, but a trading company...

We have an excellent network worldwide. For example, recently we opened our new Latin America headquarters, which is increasingly involved in bioethanol sourcing. We also have large tank capacities and are known in the market for our great flexibility and transport expertise. This enables us to source a wide range of qualities quickly and reliable.

Your Expert for Industrial Bioethanol at CREMER OLEO: Marco Schumann

As Product Manager at CREMER OLEO, Marco Schumann is responsible for Industrial Bioethanol.

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